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Are you in a relationship that feels like it is falling apart, but has not been able to talk to the person you are in the relationship with? Can't move past the hurt and broken trust? Are you feeling stuck inside a negative this relationship

If you're ready to tend to your soil...
then you are in the right place.

I'm happy to see that you arrived safely. Let me welcome you to a place where peace resides permanently. Storms do come from time to time, and if you adapt to the few mandatory characteristics you will make it through every one of them.

I am Tiffynee.

I am your Guide and Gardner. I am here to show you around.

 Take a deep breath.


Enjoy your Exploration.

Relationship & Spiritual Transformational Strategist

Clinical Sexologist

Tiffynee Terry Thomas

Tiffynee Terry Thomas was born and raised in Lakewood, WA. She graduated from Central Washington University in 2011 with her Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary in Science, Psychology, and a minor in law injustice. She is a mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to her loving and doting husband. She has always had a passion and the ability to connect with others in a mind-blowing way that allows her to articulate messages extremely effectively to her audience. Her gift to be able to create relatable analogies to help individuals connect the dots is impeccable. So her degree in psychology helps with her business idea.

The monthly Spiritual Garden Session
is the perfect place to start.

In this FREE monthly webcast series, I lead a live Spiritual Awakening and Rejuvenation that will help you release toxic habits and take your growth to the next level

Revelation ~Direction ~ Intentionality ~Humility ~ Courage ~ Strong Community ~ Accountability ~ Reflective

Tools needed Along this Journey

What Are People Saying...


Tiffynee is a blessing that I needed I just thought I would let you know & I want to grab a book this Friday now that I am in the right mindset I'm ready to dive right into your book!
Thank you everything you said I needed to hear gave me confirmation that after all, I’m not as bad as others have made me feel, after leaving your house I have come to a small realization of what makes me happy and maybe my purpose in life I’m still having so many emotions after speaking with you though I’m not too sure! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book you are truly amazing !


Tiffynee, this book right here was my mirror at the perfect time to release what was no longer serving me. It placed me in the mirror and forced me to acknowledge myself. I had this way of being a victim without being a victim. I could pinpoint the things that went wrong but I was unable to address what was inside of ME that kept repeating the same cycles. Tiffynee not only spares no feelings her purpose is more than clear on the intent for this book to heal. If you are just starting your healing journey this book is the best place to start. If you are already in the midst of your healing this is the perfect book to make sure you are truly healing the inner you and peeling back those layers. Thank you Queen for coming out of your comfort zone with this. I am leveling up to a better woman because I had access to this which gave me access to you!


Tiffynee you are the definition of Gods beauty!!! You have impacted my life in such a short period and it’s only the beginning of what God has in store !! It’s his promise!!!! SIS IS IT YOU!!! Mother Ruby Irons I know is running around in heaven saying GLORAAAYYYY!!!!!.

I Will Always Guide you

with love.

Arriving somewhere unfamiliar can make you extremely uncomfortable. I’m sure where your heart is currently, is somewhere you’ve been before. I can only imagine how many thorn bushes and weeds have invaded your precious soil when you have left your heart unattended for some time. 
I'm here to help you acquire the tools needed to tend to your garden and guide you on how to properly use the tools.

I cannot promise this will be easy, it takes some hard work to replenish your soil.
Learning how to accept yourself and dedicating yourself to creating the best version of yourself is hard work.

What I can promise you is that you don't have to do any of this alone, my dear friends ...we can do it together.

Other Ways to Engage
with Tiffynee

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