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Spiritual Garden


Are you ready to tend to your Garden?


A well-kept garden is something to admire!

You're probably here because you're
needing to tend to your soil

I'm happy to see that you arrived safely. Let me welcome you to a place where peace resides permanently. Storms do come from time to time, and if you adapt to the few mandatory characteristics you will make it through every one of them.

I am Tiffynee.

I am your Guide and Gardner. I am here to show you around.

 Take a deep breath.


Enjoy your Exploration.


Are you just visiting or moving here permanently? 
No need to answer right now

Welcome to the Garden
Let's get clear on what you will learn

There is a difference between The Gardener, The Seed, and The Fruit

The Gardener's job is to manage and care for the soil. This means that you will have to get to know your soil
( Self Intimacy)

The Seed's job is to germinate underground, using the soil and its nutrients to cultivate the fruit and multiply (Growing Pains)

The Fruit's job is to create nourishment, enjoyment, and create relief from hunger (Spiritual Food)

~ Each one has a job and all of them contribute to the betterment of you. Be fruitful and multiply.


Now let's take the First step...

These free online events happen the 3rd Wednesday of the month, October - June, and they deliver 90 min of real talk...the best way Tiffynee can deliver it!

Each month introduces a fresh topic, after each garden session you'll be given the opportunity to take this work to the next level with a Self study  worksheet- designed to help you do the work between each garden session.

Register Now!

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