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Speak Up:  A Parent-Teen Manual

Speak Up: A Parent-Teen Manual


📘 Speak Up: A Parent-Teen Manual 📘

"Speak Up" is more than just a book; it's your ultimate guide to navigating the delicate yet crucial conversations about changing bodies, growing up, sex, gender, and sexual health with your teens and tweens. Authored by Tiffynee Terry-Thomas, a clinical sexologist and neuroscience researcher, this comprehensive manual equips parents with practical strategies and insights to foster open communication, trust, and understanding with their children.


Inside "Speak Up," you'll discover:

🔍 Insightful Guidance: Explore essential tips and techniques to encourage your child to open up and share their thoughts and concerns with you.

🗣️ Effective Communication Tools: Learn proven methods to facilitate respectful and meaningful discussions on sensitive topics, ensuring your child feels heard and supported.

📘 Resourceful Content: Gain access to valuable information and resources to help you navigate the complexities of parenting teens and tweens confidently.


Whether you're facing challenges in addressing puberty, sexuality, or gender identity, "Speak Up" provides the knowledge and support you need to navigate these conversations with ease and confidence.

Ready to empower yourself and strengthen your connection with your child? Purchase your copy of "Speak Up: A Parent-Teen Manual" today and embark on a journey toward building stronger, more open relationships with your teens and tweens.

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