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What is the location for the Sis, is it you?, Conference.

The Sis, is it you?, Conference will be held at :
Lake Spur

12635 Shadow Creek Pkwy,

Pearland TX 77584

Will the SIY Conference have additional in-person registrations available for purchase?

Yes! We've opened a limited number of registrations for a limited time only.

In light of the coronorvirus, what are the safety measures for the SIY Conference?

SIY is committed to creating a safe place to gather and worship. We will follow local and Federal guidelines at the time of the event. This will include, but is not limited to, the following:

~ Attendees must wear a face mask while inside the building 

~ Social distancing at least 3 feet apart at all times

~ Hand sanitizing stations

Is there a SIY Conference Schedule?

Tiffynee Terry-Thomas has spent countless hours in preparation for the SIY Conference. Stay tuned for the SIY Conference schedule, coming to an inbox near you!

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