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Meet Tiffynee Terry-Thomas

Spiritual Transformational Coach, Relationship Coach & Clinical Sexologist

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Houston, Texas

Tiffynee's Terry-Thomas
Speach Topics

Tiffynee provides a hands-on tactile experience in all workshops she performs. Her workshops are live, engaging, and interactive. She can provide a small training example if requested.

Breaking Generational Curses

Imagine carrying around a heavy bag for an entire day. By the end of the day, your back and shoulders would be sore from lugging around all that weight. It can be hard to imagine how much our baggage weighs us down, but in this workshop experience, you'll get the chance to see it in person and feel it firsthand.

Locating the Keys to Me

Where are your keys? Did you know you hold the freedom to unlock a door in your life with that answer? If you know where your keys are, then you are free to explore new opportunities, try out new hobbies and save time by not having to look anywhere else. In this workshop I'll give you ideas on how to grab the freedom that is guarded by where you put your keys. I'll show you how to have an intense vision and victory for your future to enhance intimacy and self-worth back in your life, regardless of where life takes you.

On game day, we often experience affliction—an obstacle that causes us pain and suffering. Afflictions can often leave us feeling defeated, but we can turn our struggles into glorious victories when we work through them. We will work together in this workshop to help you learn how to overcome your afflictions so that you can focus on winning the game.

The Intimate experience.

We can all relate to misinformed or miseducated ideas about intimacy. Sex and intimacy are two different things. In this workshop you will learn practical strategies for self-evaluation, healing, and sexual education. You will leave with a better understanding that will guide you to healthier sexual relationships.

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Relationship & Spiritual Transformational Strategist

Clinical Sexologist

Tiffynee Terry Thomas

Tiffynee Terry Thomas was born and raised in Lakewood, WA. She graduated from Central Washington University in 2011 with her Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary in Science, Psychology, and a minor in law injustice. She is a mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife to her loving and doting husband. She has always had a passion and the ability to connect with others in a mind-blowing way that allows her to articulate messages extremely effectively to her audience. Her gift to be able to create relatable analogies to help individuals connect the dots is impeccable. So her degree in psychology helps with her business idea.

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