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I'm excited to work with you. During our consult, we discussed some future coaching. Below are a few things to walk you through what we briefly discussed in detail.

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Follow these Four steps to get your sessions started and to get yourself on my calendar.

Click the icons to complete each step

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Review + Sign
your proposal 
 Pay & Book Your
Next Session 
Client Intake

This is where I will store the recordings from our calls as well as any other documents, we may need to send back and forth. (Worksheets, articles,& client uploads)

How to Contact Me

If you have any small questions or comments in between our scheduled sessions, you can email me at or a Quick Dm on Messenger. For anything larger, it's best to wait for our next catch up call so we can go through it properly. 

My Availability

My working week is Monday-Friday,10 am- 6 pm PST. Occasionally I take time off for holidays and vacation. If this happens, I will let you know in good time. Expect intermittent availability around all major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and my immediate family's birthdays.


This is the mailing address I have on file for you .


PO Box 663 Tacoma WA 98401
Keep an eye out for a special gift from me.
Glad to have you onboard, cheers to a better way of living!
See You Soon,
Tiffynee Terry-Thomas
Clinical Sexologist, Relationship Coach, and Transformational Life Coach.

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